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Stage 1: Coconut Farmer Cooperatives

Coconut farmers in the Philippines earn under $2 a day and Coco Veda’s mission is to uplift their livelihoods to above $5 by 2025. Currently we work with farmer cooperatives who produce the raw Virgin Coconut Oil and Coconut Sugar as per our specifications.

Stage 2: Research and Development of Coco Veda’s Product Range

Primary research was conducted to identify the lifestyle concerns which were correlated with secondary research to establish the supply gaps in the market, after which the products were developed, user-tested and then improved taking into consideration the evidence based feedback of the trials. This process was repeated multiple times until we were satisfied that an effective finished product had been developed to address the specific lifestyle concern.  

To ensure that the range commits to sustainability, all products were developed to be concentrated, waterless, alcohol-free and cruelty free.

Stage 3: All women operations in Metro Manila

Coco Veda decided to build an equal employment ecosystem that provides opportunities for women in The Philippines.

These women are multi-skilled and trained professionally to manufacture sustainable handmade products in compliance with the international standards, certifications, best practices and incorporate the culture of continuous improvement inspired by the Kaizen Philosophy. 


Stage 4: Environmental Sustainability

In support of the environment we created a 5R’s Philosophy –  Reduce, Reuse, Refill, Recycle and Rethink. 

As a result of this, over 60% of our product packaging is in glass and the remaining is Reusable, Refillable and Recyclable plastic. Since all of Coco Veda’s products are pure, concentrated and long lasting, this minimises packaging consumption by over 50% as opposed to the industry benchmarks for similar products.

Stage 5: Logistics and Shipping

With aspirations of being a reputed Farm to Consumer (DTC) brand present in 25 countries by 2025, cross border e-Commerce logistics is a critical aspect of the supply chain. Due to the global pandemic Covid-19, Coco Veda is working in close partnerships with logistics providers to cost effectively optimize delivery of the products to international consumers. Since these products are concentrated there is a considerable impact on reducing the carbon footprint. 





Our Strategic Partners and Sustainability Panel support our direction to make a positive, measurable impact to the coconut farmers, women communities, consumers and the coconut industry. 

Live Healthy, Live Well, Live Natural and Building Sustainable Impact​

Our Sustainable Handmade Coconut Health and Wellbeing Products are Natural, Organic, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, ISO, GMP and Halal 

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